Regular Sunday Schedule:

Bible Study
Sunday School
Worship Service

Children begin Sunday School by first attending worship with family.

Sunday worship services are broadcast on Glen Ridge Local Access television, Channel 36 on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesday mornings at 10:30am.
Children and Youth
What happens on Sunday mornings?
Sunday worship is the most visible thing a Christian Church does. GRCC has one morning service, a preaching and choral service at 10:00 in the sanctuary. The service coincides with children’s church school. Communion is served at the service on the first Sunday of the month.

There is also an adult Bible class at 8:45am in the church library. Following the later service there is a fellowship time with coffee and tea, in either Robinson Hall or the Blue Room. On most Sundays, children attend the first part of the 10:00 service with their parents and leave for classes about 15 minutes into the service. Children’s chapel worship takes place once a month; on those days children go directly to their classes on arrival.

Starting the last Sunday of June there is only one service, at 9:30am. After Labor Day in September we revert to 10:00am service schedule.

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