Regular Sunday Schedule:

Bible Study
Sunday School
Worship Service

Summer Schedule: Worship only at 9:30am followed by Fellowship at 10:30am.

Children begin Sunday School by first attending worship with family.

Sunday worship services are broadcast on Glen Ridge Local Access television, Channel 36 on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesday mornings at 10:30am.
Children and Youth
Why do people attend this church?
The main reasons new members tell us they are attracted to our congregation are: a great church school program for children and young families, dynamic and wonderful music with choirs of all ages, an impressive mission and outreach program, and good preaching by our ministers. You will find that we have people from many different religious backgrounds in our church. We always have people who are seeking to discover what they believe as well as people who know already. The congregation because of its openness and community spirit is a great place to find your faith.

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